They are delicious. They have been cultivated since around 2000 BCE. They are a popular fruit in the world and are grown all across North America. They have been used for many purposes, but one of the most common is as a staple in baking due to their high level of pectin production. They take on other flavors easily through apple pies, compotes, and sauces. They have been implicated to potentially reduce the risk for Alzheimer's disease and dementia. They provide vitamin C, iron, dietary fiber, potassium...The list of the benefits of apples is quite long.


Low in calories and high in soluble fiber.
Packed with numerous phytochemicals such as quercetin that may help prevent chronic diseases.
Apples enhance dental hygiene

Relatively low in nutrients
The skin may contain pesticide residues. Opt for organic apples. Wash them well.

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