Thegreenchick ADHD Planner

Thegreenchick ADHD Planner

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FOR ADHD BY ADHD: Planner/journal for short-term planning, prioritizing tasks, actually getting things accomplished, and people who usually struggle to plan. Perfect for those who have time-management and life-organization problems caused by ADHD. It is designed to help black women to keep their focus on what matters and avoid frequent distractions by planning everything in advance and having an agenda to follow.

This is the ultimate ADHD planner Black girl Magic edition designed to help Organize many aspects of one's life and build mini-routines to manage tasks more efficiently. This self-planner was made with the ADHD brain in mind, which means the features of the book won't overload the brain with information. Using this life organizer planner, you'll have dedicated spaces for setting your goals ahead of time Along with its weekly, and daily organizer and goal-setting sections, there are also a number of other parts to this ADHD and ADD planner. These features include weekly brain dumps for purging thoughts and also personal routine and ritual zones.


The ultimate Black Girl Magic ADHD planner/Journal with features like

* Daily Accomplishments * Mood * Weather * Main Focus * Top Priorities * To-Do List * Appointment & Reminders * Tasks for Tomorrow * Top Goals of the Day * Priorities with Consequences * Time Block * Brain Dump * Notes * Weekly Focus * Monthly Mindset * Daily Check-In * Stress Factors * Distraction Tracker * Thought Log * Trigger Tracker * Self Reflection